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to massachusetts. also got the houston mayor to tell us how her city is preparing for a strike. futures still a little jittery here this morning. dow down 86. "squawk on the street" back in a minute. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> instagram users may have made good on their threat to dump the photo sharing app after the controversy over new privacy rules, according to app data in the "new york post." app data says that instagram may have shed almost 25% of its daily active users as a res
. the union represent more than 14,000 workers at more than a dozen ports from boston to houston. the key sticking point -- container royalties or payments to union workers based on the weight of cargo. >>> now back to the markets. before the break, we told you about the best performing emerging markets this year. but -- emerging markets this year. the third best performing market this year is estonia, up 36.51%. and at number two is pakistan with the karachi stock exchange 100, up 49% for 2012. and the best performing market so far this year is turkey's ise national 100 index. up 52.26% this year. now our next guest says a play in the emerging markets could be a good bet for a successful 2013. joining us now to highlight the key markets to watch around the globe is ron shaw, managing partner at gina ventures. how are you doing? >> good. good morning. >> very good morning to you. did santa bring you everything you were hoping for? >> that and then some. >> that and then some. good. let's talk about emerging markets now. i've spoken to you a lot about how in the last couple of years, of co
barriers to entry, but will also benefit from growth as people move into houston to dallas to southern california, to san francisco area, et cetera. we've been in the industrial business for a long time, and we'd liked it. but it was clear to us that the market wanted a more pure focused company. and it made sense as part of the overall focus. plus, as you mentioned, leverage is very important. and we wanted to lower our leverage. >> right. >> it made sense to part with the industrial, even though it's good properties, good people there, and focus again on quality, supermarket anchored retail in the 12 growing states. >> one of the things i loved about your presentation and also your conference call is you are not -- you're willing to face head-on the challenge of amazon. you directly -- you're the first real estate investor who says, listen, here's the ones that the internet can't get. you recognize the threat is a real one? >> i think it's a real threat. i think we were very conservative in how we came up with our number that we think that some merchants can be affected somewhat on t
on the eastern coast. it could shut down the trading facilities from boston down to houston and that could put a real dent. so this speaks to me about uncertainty. >> you're talking about these uncertainties and you can't be blinded by the fiscal cliff, the uncertainties that were missing before. if you look at the internals of the market, you saw this week industries and discretionaries and sectors making 52-week highs. >> i would look at the other side of the technicals there, j.c. that chart is bearish to me. there have been nine since 1998. some very significant declines after the cross. and the s&p won't follow through. in addition, the index just put in the death cross, as well. so i think the risk on trade is going to be coming to an end. maybe again it's a topping process over the next couple of months. but to buy here for 3% to 5% i think is a mistake in the light of possibly having a 10% to 20% decline in the new year. >> here, we've been up 25 of those 30 times and that's 82%. i'll take those numbers in vegas any day. >> yeah, but again, if you're looking at a near term trade, i wou
and houston and right here in dallas. we thought no better place to do it than to pitch a two-minute drill on the giant cowboys vision behind us here. but highlighting some of the great start-ups that are here. all the net job growth that's happened in the country in the last 30 years has happened from companies that are less than five years old. we're going to build these companies growing up all around the united states, they'll step up and bring america to the next game. that's what start-up america is all about helping these communities like texas raise their game and bring start-ups to the forefront. >> steve, you mentioned there was bisupport to create this organization. it is important to note no fund governmenting is behind it. >> this is a totally private sector effort to start-up america partners. the jobs act passed by partisan support and the need for bipartisan support around high-skilled immigration in particularpy half of the people coming to our universities for advanced degrees, ph.ds and masters are from other countries but all too often once we give them degrees we kick
. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> houston, we have a deal. after 14 hours worth of talkes and months of negotiations, an agreement has finally been reached on a pan european banking supervisor. european finance ministers say they have drawn up plans to allow the ecb to oversee the largest banks in the country, except for the uk and sweden which have opted out. >>> now, the latest results from italy's debt auction. italy is coming to market with a three-year bond. it's yields the lowest since october 2010. it also sold about just at the high end of the range it was looking for, about 3.5 billion euros worth of debt. just to recap what we're seeing, the december 2015 btp yield, 2.5%, a low bid to cover ratio under 1.4%. but we're seeing yields there, 2.64%. sold that at the high end, 750 million euros worth looking for the yield on that one. and as soon as i see it, we'll send it along. 4.75%. down from 5.32% in september. for plenty more on this and how it all fits in on the banking union, let's get straight out to silvia wadhwa i
, former u.s. president is. >> intensive care at a houston hospital. the 88-year-old was moved to the icu sunday. president obama has been in the october due to a cough. his doctors remain cautiously optimistic about his condition. >>> samsung is now taking on issues with shoes in the u.s. >>> welcome back. we're keeping an eye on the strong winter storm that pounded the midwest and southeast and is now thrashing the northeast. it knocked out power to homes in days, a lot of them in arkansas. it has created havoc on the roads and at airports. flightaware.com says more than 1500 flights have been canceled since tuesday. reynolds wolf joins us now. reynolds, my family is headed back in a couple of days. are they going to make it in? >> oh, my goodness. it's going to be a tough time for people in the northeast. this storm, affecting so many millions of americans. today we'll have wind, rain and snow. buffalo could see up to a fought of snow. southeast, cool and try for the most part. snow possible in the sierra nevada. in parts of the pacific northwest, you might see rain in the valleys, but
transaction in the u.s. in over a decade that i can remember. and the first is in houston. spring chrysler dodge jeep ram. it's the largest dealership of that type in texas. an extraordinary performer with extraordinary associates. but on our part, it's a statement that the resurgence, renaissance of chrysler corporation is real. it's sustainable. sergio marchione has done a walk-on-water, turnaround performance. i've seen the future, the future is strong and bright. >> and putting your money where your mouth is. >> you know me, you want to know what i think? just look what i do and that's what i think. and then in dallas-ft. worth an extraordinary group that we're excited to welcome those associates to our company. you know, i'm a big believer in the german and german vehicles. i started my career as a technician on german products. so, i have a special affinity for it. and we've acquired the boardwalk group which is a large audi dealership, porsche and volkswagen dealership which will make us the largest volkswagen dealership in the great state of texas. and our german portfolio which i'
one involving a dreamliner that had to make an emergency landing. it was flying from houston to newark, new jersey. it had to turn and it had to make an emergency landing in new orleans and united crew reporting mechanical problem. they delivered the dreamliner two weeks ago. boeing technical team is right now in new orleans investigating the problem along with united teams. they'll have an update later today hopefully. boeing coming out and saying that it expects faa to mandate what it's been pushing its customers to do for some time requiring fuel line checks for the dreamliner. checking the installation of two connectors and half of the dreamliners have already been inspected according to boeing. we expect the faa to make this a mandatory requirement later on today. by the way, almost 40 dreamliners have been put in service in the last year. boeing recently increased dreamliner production from 3.5 to 5 per month. production is still on track to reach the goal of ten per month by the beginning of 2014. no reaction today on shares of boeing. these are the teething pains that go along
-tweeted before obama's. news of whitney houston's death in february generated more than ten million mentions. humbling. >> i think boris yeltsin at the opec got hit -- >> his tweets or pictures -- >> i'm not sure why he got caught in the zip wire. >> right. right. and him at the opening ceremonies dancing awkwardly. >> him -- him at the opening ceremony got a huge amount of response. >> as it should. we want to know what your favorite tweet, hash tag, or tui tweet, pic -- i hate myself for those terms. get in touch by e-mail, worldwide@cnbc.com. you can also tweet us, @cnbcwex. >>> ahead, north korea held a rocket launch but the international community is hardly impressed. we'll have reaction in a few minutes. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." here are the top three stories trending at cnbc.com -- which chinese company will overtick amazon as the world's largest retailer by 2016? find out details on our web site. >>> and if you're looking for the dream job, what latest survey results have to say about the best place to work in 2013. right here, isn't it? cnbc.com reveals growing fear
may be under served, or huge opportunity, chicago, houston, minneapolis/st. paul, and have partnered to create really neat gift packages you can send to friends. >> you got funding, the cofounders of groupon, you yourself cofounded the company with a former vp from groupon. to what degree and i ask this delicately, are you taking lessons from their experience, right? and also is there any way to take advantage of the data that obviously groupon has had a lot of time to collect? >> it's a great question. i think groupon really brought local businesses into online e-commerce in a really interesting way and created a bunch of new opportunities gifting being one of them where we can now take local businesses that are a lot salvier with the web and provide a new sales channel for them not necessarily deeply discounted offers but gifts. so we're definitely following the lead that some of the daily deal sites kind of created for us. in terms of data, yeah. we look at what sells well in the local space, from these various daily deals sites. we use a lot of facebook data and from other partne
jersey, baltimore, charleston, miami, houston, i mean, these are -- >> these are big things here. what's interesting about it i just begun to understand a little bit about this port strikes the workers were getting royalty payments they first got 50 years ago when those big containers started coming over in u.s. ports that is the fight, should we get paid because the containers are coming in or should we not? really a fascinating historical artifact of the 1960s. you got to think that these royalties have to come down at some point or the other, especially because the expansion of the panama canal is going to increase the ability for ships to move to lots of other ports. >> a lot of other issues as well because this is of course, a union issue. there for example the strength of the unions and at what point does it make the u.s. less competitive than some other port thought? what point do we need reform those structures to become more competitive and preserve the jobs? >> some trouble at northwestern ports, we just had the clerical workers in california. that was a near miss. something
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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